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Flexibility Program

Crafted to enhance your ability to squat, bend, and move with greater ease, this program is dedicated to optimizing your overall flexibility. Whether you struggle with sitting comfortably in a squat or reaching down to touch your toes, this tailored program is specifically designed to address and improve these challenges, both within and beyond the gym.

Who is it for?

In all honesty, many athletes can benefit from focused flexibility training, but this program was specifically crafted with athletes facing challenges in the following areas in mind:

Stiff Ankles 

Shallow or pinchy squats

Stiff Wrists

Trouble touching their toes.

Pinchy or stiff shoulders



Each Session will take between 15-30 minutes.

6 sessions/week

This program is currently 3 months long.

Equipment Needed

Access to the following is recommended for this program:

Foam Roller

Exercise Bands

Kettlebells or Dumbbells




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Have Questions?

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